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Disaster Recovery

24/7 Monitoring 

78 Percent of Computer Disasters are Computer Hardware Related

A solid Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to ensuring your organization remains productive after an event that disrupts your operations. There are many types of disaster recovery and the cost of the solution all boils down to the level of risk you're comfortable with. Below you'll find some of our most common solutions.


These solutions are monitored by 3C Solutions 24/7/365. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

In many cases disaster recovery can be as simple as a well thought out cloud based backup strategy. With this strategy your important data is copied offsite to a cloud based storage provider. In the event of a disaster, hardware failure, employee deletion; the data can be recovered by selecting the data to be restored, initiating the transfer. Cloud backup solutions are very cost effective but in the event a full system restore is needed you should expect extended downtime.

Many of our customers choose to build their disaster recovery in to their daily operations. For these customers a Cloud Computing infrastructure is implemented so their data is in the cloud full time. This allows access to your workstation and files from anywhere you have an internet connection. In this scenario recovery time is greatly reduced as files are already in your cloud environment so there's no need to download / upload.

11 Percent of Computer Disasters are human error

There are many more benefits to a virtual office solution which can be found here.

Please contact us for more information on these solutions or let us build a custom Disaster Recovery Plan for you today.


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7 Percent of Computer Disasters are related to Software Corruption
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